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Planning Applications

The current planning applications are always available on the Agendas & Minutes page.

Planning Advice



When is a Planning Applications application required?

The Planning Applications Authority for Beaudesert and Henley in Arden is Stratford District Council. However, the JPC is a Statutory Consultee and monitors all Planning Applications applications.

There are approx 100 Planning Applications applications, 50% are to do with trees and these are automatically referred to the tree officer of Stratford District Council. Of the remainder about 4 per year are for significant developments (more than 5 houses) and these are normally referred to the full council meeting to consider.

If you are considering submitting a Planning Applications application, or need general advice regarding what work requires permission, then you should first contact the District Council.

The reception at Stratford District Council at Elizabeth House provides a front line customer service and general advice about Planning Applications applications and the Planning Applications process. For further information please contact, tel 01789 260304 email: Planning

How do I make a Planning Applications application?

Stratford District Council encourages you to submit your Planning Applications application on-line via the national Planning Applications portal website.

If you prefer to fill in your applications by hand, you can download copies of Planning Applications forms to print, complete and return by visiting Stratford District Council’s 1APP Forms page.

The Parish Council are consultees in the Planning Applications process which means their views on applications in the parishes are sought and taken into consideration by the Planning Applications authority when they make their decisions. If you wish to speak to the Council regarding a Planning Applications matter, then please contact the Clerk to the Council in the first instance.

Automatic notice of Planning Applications applications

Enter your email address to subscribe to local Planning Applications applications in Henley-in-Arden and/or Beaudesert. You will receive an automatic email alert when new Planning Applications applications are submitted.

Apply for automatic notification - remember we are 2 parishes and you can apply for both.